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Hemorrhoid Prevention

Here are a few ways to help you prevent hemorrhoids:

  • Eat a high-fibre diet. A high-fibre or high-bulk diet will move through the large intestine more easily and keep bowel movements from being too solid or too loose. Foods high in fibre include:
    • Bran foods such as bran cereals and whole wheat bread
    • Green leafy vegetables such as celery, lettuce and spinach. Also turnips, cabbage and carrots
    • Fresh fruits, especially plums, apricots and apples
    • Stewed or canned fruit such as prunes or figs
    • Fruit juices
  • Exercise. A regular, controlled exercise plan gives tone to the supporting muscles of the anorectal area as well as the abdomen.
  • Practice proper hygiene. Carefully cleanse the anorectal area and remove matter that may aggravate pain and irritation.
  • Use stool softeners when necessary. Stool softeners keep bowel movements moist and soft, helping them pass through the intestines more easily and be expelled without straining.