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General Questions About Preparation H

Do hemorrhoids "run in the family"?

There is no conclusive evidence, but some families do seem to have more trouble with hemorrhoids than others. Family diet may be partly to blame.

What other conditions may feel like hemorrhoids?

Sometimes a small split or crack occurs in the skin near the anus (anal fissure), often caused by large, hard bowel movements. People also suffer from moderate or severe itching in and around the anus (pruritus ani) that is not caused by hemorrhoids, but may be due to heat and tight-fitting clothing, improper hygiene, soaps, detergents and stress.

How should I store a Preparation H product?

Preparation H products should be stored at room temperature or in a cool place (15°-30°C). This is especially important with suppositories to avoid melting, as suppositories must soften at body temperature.

Will Preparation H stain my clothes?

There is a possibility that Preparation H may stain clothing.

I have heard that you can use Preparation H to help stop wrinkles, is this true?

Although people have contacted us regarding the use of Preparation H for uses other than intended, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, a division of Pfizer Canada Inc. does not market or endorse the use of Preparation H for any use other than for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Why is Preparation H different in Canada than in the United States?

United States and Canadian regulatory requirements differ. The Canadian Preparation H formulation has been on the market for 40 years, is approved by Health Canada and is highly effective.

I don't see coupons on your website, how can I get coupons?

Unfortunately, we do not have coupons for this product.