Using Preparation H

Can I use a Preparation H product if I am pregnant or nursing a baby?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please check with your healthcare professional before taking any supplement or medication.

Can I use a Preparation H product that has expired?

We do not recommend using our products past the expiration date, as they may not be as effective. 

Is it safe to use a Preparation H product on a long-term basis?

It is recommended you consult your physician if the condition persists or in case of bleeding. 

When is the best time to use the product?

This product should be used at the first onset of symptoms to avoid further discomfort or irritation. The products should especially be used at night before bed, in the morning and after each bowel movement. 

How can I clean my applicator?

The instructions indicate that the applicator should be cleaned after every use. We have found that the applicator can be cleaned most successfully by washing it with rubbing alcohol, followed by a thorough rinse with plain water. Be sure to rinse well with water, as the alcohol might cause a stinging or irritating sensation if it comes in contact with delicate rectal tissue. 

About Preparation H

Preparation H contains yeast. Will I get a yeast infection if I use the product?

No. The live yeast cell derivative (LYCD) in the product is an extract of Brewer's yeast. LYCD does not contain any live yeast cells. Therefore, there is no association with the development of yeast infections following the use of Preparation H.

What are the indications for each product?


  • Helps relieve pain and itching associated with hemorrhoidal discomfort
  • Temporarily shrinks hemorrhoidal tissue.

PE Gel

Helps relieve the local itching and discomfort associated with hemorrhoidal discomfort.

  • Helps relieve irritation and burning associated with hemorrhoidal discomfort
  • Temporarily shrinks hemorrhoidal tissue.

General Questions About
Preparation H

What other conditions may feel like symptomatic hemorrhoids?

Sometimes a small split or crack occurs in the skin near the anus (anal fissure), often caused by large, hard bowel movements. People also suffer from moderate or severe itching in and around the anus (pruritus ani) that is not caused by symptomatic hemorrhoids, but may be due to heat and tight-fitting clothing, improper hygiene, soaps, detergents and stress.

We recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner if you are unsure of the condition.

How should I store a Preparation H product?

Preparation H products should be stored at room temperature or in a cool place (15°-30°C). This is especially important with suppositories to avoid melting, as suppositories must soften at body temperature.

Will Preparation H stain my clothes?

There is a possibility that Preparation H may stain clothing.

Why is Preparation H different in Canada than in the United States?

United States and Canadian regulatory requirements differ. The Canadian Preparation H formulations have been on the market for many years, are authorized by Health Canada, and are considered safe and effective for hemorrhoidal symptom relief.

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